Pull copper plated aluminum filter in addition to the aesthetic factor also helps to keep the heat and the coffee “cooked” evenly.

Preparation Instructions:

Step 1: Put 20g of Pull coffee into the filter (equivalent to 1/3 of the filter).
Step 2: Place the lid, gently press and rotate to make sure the coffee surface is flat.
Step 3: Pour boiling water about 90-95 degrees Celsius, just cover the coffee, wait 20 seconds
Step 4: Fill the filter with water and wait for the coffee to drip.
Step 5: Add sugar/ice/milk according to taste and enjoy.


Delivery charges

Delivery for orders from 300,000 VND.
Shipping fee in Ho Chi Minh City is 25,000 VND.
Shipping fee for suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces is 30,000 VND.
Other locations apply depending on the carrier.
Urgent shipping orders will be quoted shipping costs depending on the shipping unit’s price.



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